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CANTIGA's unique and magical music has delighted visitors to Renaissance Festivals across North America for over thirty years.






Greetings from Cantiga!

New Release - A Village in Motion 

A Village in Motion: Cantiga

Cantiga finds a powerful voice in this highly anticipated album. The culmination of decades of performing together in the Renaissance Festival circuit. Wild spirited medieval melodies, haunting celtic airs, regal court music and rustic ethnic dances.

 I absolutely LOVE IT. It is so beautiful, and polished, and just magical. It is truly Cantiga's most exquisite collection- Lana Rigsby

Cantiga finds a powerful voice in this highly anticipated album which is the culmination of decades of performing together. Wild spirited medieval melodies, haunting celtic airs, regal court music and rustic ethnic dances. 

"I absolutely LOVE IT. It is so beautiful, and polished, and just magical. It is truly Cantiga's most exquisite collection"- Lana Rigsby

Cantiga: A Village in Motion




We are very pleased to welcome Austin Texas based Fiddler "Sick" to Cantiga 


See Sick in a sneak preview from the recording here - joined by drummer Jamal Mohamed and cellist Max Dyer


Martha Gay, our harper, has recently returned from a 500-mile trek through parts of France and Spain on the Camino de Santiago—an ancient pilgrim road leading to Santiago de Compostela, the resting place of St. James’ bones as well as the origin of the Cantigas de Santa Maria. On foot, Martha towed her harp through the high mountain passes so that she could play the cantigas in the ancient churches and villages along the way. Encountering fellow pilgrims from many lands, she followed in the footsteps of those much earlier musicians who also shared the cantigas on the Camino. 

Read about it in Martha's Blog.



Visit our Acoustic Band in Houston page on Gig Salad


Concert at Tarrant County College

Joining us for the concert were cellist Max Dyer, drummer Jamal Mohamed and Ade Suparman who is visiting from Indonesia. Ade plays the ketapi, a pentatonic Javanese zither plucked with the fingers. Ade sat in with us for one of our favorite tunes, Cantiga 353.


 Click HERE  to listen to Cantiga 353.

Cantiga teams up again with old friend Owain Phyfe on his new album "Lagrimas de Sangria" - a collection of Spanish tunes from Mexico, Central and South America. Charry Garcia made a magnificent contribution to this new CD. You can get Owain's tour schedule here.

Download free iPod videos, free MP3s and check out our new videos HERE

NEWS FLASH--The Amulet (Cantiga 353) from our CD "Once Upon a Time" has been chosen by Canadian filmmaker Morley MacDougall of Braemar Court Productions for use in the soundtrack of his new movie, "The River Jordan". View the trailer HERE. The short film will be submitted to numerous international film festivals in North America and Europe including Toronto, Cannes and Sundance.

Cantiga has joined with Renaissance Festival groups from around the US to produce"The Circle", a Renaissance Festival compilation CD. All Profits Donated to the Red Cross to Benefit Hurricane Katrina Relief.

Another NEWS FLASH---We are very pleased to announce Cantiga has been selected to join the Special Events roster for Cirque du Soleil! - (tho we have not been invited yet to play at any special events!) More about this below in Michelle's blog.

Cantiga fiddler Mark is now a daddy, taking time off the road as he and Holly take care of little Sky who just turned ONE. Go and see more pictures on our photo page..! Our love and best wishes to you, Mark, Holly and Sky.

You can read Michelle's observations on life in the Rennaisance Faire just below and in her own special section "Michelle's Weblog" Listen to Cantiga broadcasts, podcasts and download free MP3s here. Check out this nice REVIEW of our latest CD, "Martha's Dragon from the good folks at We have a new webpage at Come see it. Our tune "Skillywidden" is entered the Acoustic Chart at #303 and finished at #41 and was featured as Acoustic Song of the Day on June 28. Read the reviews! Our concert with Owain Phyfe at Tarrant County College, Arlington TX was a lot of fun and a great sucess. Read reviews here. 


See Skillywidden the Cat HERE

All of our music is now available at CDBaby and in MP3 format at Apple itunes and at most major MP3 download sites. In addition to Renaissance festivals, we play concerts, book college performances, do great weddings, and fabulous gaudy summer night house and backyard parties with lots of torches! Just ask! A very special greeting to all our international friends and visitors!

If you are in New York, Texas, Pennsylvania or Florida, we look forward to seeing you all again soon! ( Special thanks to Mike Miller for our great new photo! ) ...And don't forget to sign our guestbook. We love to hear from you!

Skillywidden - April 21, 2006

"Hello Cantiga!
I was playing around on my computer the other day and googled my cat's name just for fun, and ended up buying your "Martha's Dragon" album. It's wonderful. This is our dear kitty Skillywidden."

"Imagine my surprise when I found out she has her own tune! We were entranced. It's so sweet, and really is rather like a cat (my cat!) ambling about exploring in the grass and hunting up bugs real and imaginary. I ended up tracking the tune down and bought the whole album on iTunes before I found your website. Your music reminds me of the good old days at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Novato, Ca. years ago. What fun. I'm so glad I have found you and your music, and just thought that since you have shared your "Skilly", I'd share my Skilly with you too."

Sláinte! – Jennifer Capra

You can listen to our tune "Skillywidden" HERE

Michelle's Weblog: Reflections of a New Rennie - October 1, 2005

October, 2005 The Audition Two hours before we had to leave for our big Cirque du Soleil audition, we still hadn't decided what to play. It had been 3 months since we had all played together as a group, and Charry, Martha, Bob and I had not been all together for a month until that weekend. With the exception of Max and Charry, we had just barely gotten off the road in time for TRF after a marathon of driving through most of the US (me from MA and Bob from PA), with just enough time to set up camp before a busy weekend in almost unbearably HOT weather conditions. And to top it all off, we mourned the fact Jamal could not audition with us that day. It seemed to be the worst possible time for an audition.

Everyone was calm, although there was an intensity between us that affected every word we spoke and every note we made. Criticisms were delivered tersely and decisions were reached quickly. I wasn't happy with one of the songs we had chosen-- I didn't have the melody completely under my fingers and had to think more than usual about the notes. But as we jammed on the tune, it became clear to all of us that although perhaps the music would not be perfect, there was a freshness and an energy that could not have emerged had we all been rehearsing it into the ground. The music was wild, unpredictable, hovering dangerously between success and failure. Anything could happen, and that's how we wanted it.

And the strangest thing happened, something that had never happened to me before at an audition; I had a darn fun time. Claude, the Cirque du Soleil Music Director was absolutely beaming as we ripped into "Martha's Dragon"! Casting Director Rick took us aside afterwards and said "OK guys, you're in". Max and Jamal also auditioned separately, as soloists for the sub list, and they're in too! Special Events... It turns out this is incredible glitzy parties in Montreal which Cirque du Soleil is hired to entertain. Wow- I can imagine us at a Winter Olympics gala in amazing Cirque du Soleil costumes- surrounded by acrobats and jugglers- maybe a fire eater! Of course, they haven't promised us anything yet. But we'll see...

more... go to "Michelle's Weblog" .

a sweet note from a friend.. - August 10, 2005

"I visit Sterling every year to experience Cantiga. This year was the best by far. I didn't think anyone could stand in for my favorite fiddler, but Michelle stole the show without upstaging the rest of the band. She is supreme!
"Martha's Dragon" is a magnificent CD. Fine work!
I am your most bashful fan. See you next year!"

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